Interracial Relationships and the Community

The number of interracial marriages has steadily increased throughout the U.S. and Canada in recent years. In the past, people were most likely to marry within their own race, but in todayís day and age, society has begun to embrace living in a multicultural community, and have taken steps to break down the racial barriers erected by their ancestors.

Interracial couples have had to face many hurdles: dealing with opposition from their families as well as within their community. By and large, communities have become more accepting of interracial couples and multiracial children. Many people feel that interracial couples have a greater number of challenges to overcome, when compared to couples of the same race. In addition to hostility from society, they also have to adjust to each otherís cultures. By conquering these obstacles, they tend to develop a stronger and more stable relationship.

Interracial relationships have had a positive impact on the community. By bringing together families from different racial backgrounds, these relationships have helped to bring a greater level of appreciation for different cultures and nationalities.

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