7 Steps to building a healthy relationship

1.Communication – Communication is definitely the most important key to building and maintaining a healthy relationship. This includes the ability to speak what is on your mind in a calm and complete manner, as well as the ability to listen to what your partner has to say without forming an opinion or speaking until they are done. The lines of communication should always be kept open. Each person must feel that their thoughts, feelings and opinions are important and they can express these to their partner without the fear of being criticized, judged or being rejected. It is always a good idea to share with each other your expectations concerning your relationship.

2.Honesty – You cannot build a healthy relationship without trust. A part of loving someone is being honest with them. Lies can cause a big rift in a relationship, even if the lies are not discovered. The truth can hurt sometimes, but lies will create more anguish for both partners in the future. People will sometimes think that little white lies are meaningless, but those little white lies often lead to separation and even divorce.

3.Forgiveness – No one is perfect, and so forgiveness is also a very big part of having and maintaining a healthy relationship. When you decide to forgive your partner, you must also make the decision to let it go. This means that you should not bring up their past wrongs in future disagreements.

4.Respect – Understand that each person has their own personality and opinions and therefore one should respect their partner as an individual. More than likely, you and your partner will not agree on everything, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree, rather than trying to force your opinions on your partner.

5.Spend quality time – Partners need to spend quality time together for their relationship to thrive. It is important to take time out of your busy schedules to do something that you both enjoy. Whether it is going out for a romantic meal or snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, the joy you share when you spend time with the one you love is priceless.

6.Taking Responsibility – Each person in the relationship is responsible for his or her own actions. Rather than pointing fingers and playing the blame game, look within yourself and determine where you have gone wrong, and for that take full responsibility. Admitting your faults and apologizing allows your relationship to grow stronger and healthier.

7.Compromise – In a relationship, conflicts are to be expected. Resolving these conflicts means coming up with a solution that is not just good for each individual, but for the relationship as a whole. This involves compromising on both sides. Understand that having a conflict does not mean that the relationship is not healthy; it is how you handle the conflict that determines the welfare of your relationship. It’s important to keep outside influence, especially negative influence, out of your relationship. Although family members and friends can mean well, conflicts must be resolved between the two partners in the relationship.

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