What is the most important qualities a man looks for in his soulmate?

Most women tend to think that a mans number one criteria in choosing a woman is her outer appearance, but if you ask most men, they would be wrong. Although a woman's physical appearance does play a part in choosing a partner, her personality is more important. Here are some of the qualities a man looks for in a woman.

Self-confidence - Men like women who do not need constant reassurance to know that they are beautiful. A woman who does not need to dress skimpy to feel sexy.

Nurturing - She must be kind-hearted, gentle and caring. She should have a sense of wanting to care for her man as well as for the children.

Supportive - A woman who will encourage them in their endeavors. Although she may not agree with all the decisions he makes, she will still stand by him and support him.

Physical Appearance - As we all know, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. That being said, most men prefer a woman that has natural beauty and only needs a minimal amount of make-up, if any at all. The media wants us to believe that the skinnier the woman, the more beautiful she is. Most men will tell you that their ideal woman has a medium, athletic build.

Someone who challenges him - A woman who makes him want be a better person and do better for himself and his family.

Passionate - A desire to please her man, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Independent - Not being too needy or clingy; but able to take care of herself, while still acknowledging that the man is the "head" of the household.

Responsibility - One who does not feel the need to spend their whole paycheck on the latest fashions or getting their nails and hair done every weekend.

Loyalty - She must be trustworthy and respect herself.

In general, a man looks for a woman who can also be his best friend. A woman who listens to him as well as engages him in interesting conversation. A woman who is kind, caring and sincere is a definite must for a man who is looking for a stable relationship.

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