What do women really want in a man?

When it comes to looking for a lifelong partner, looks and physique are secondary for most women. Here is what women really want in a man.

Honesty - This characteristic is a definite must have. Women need someone they can trust in. They need a man who will be faithful, open and upfront.

Hard working and Goal Oriented - The man must have ambitions and goals, but this is not enough. He must also be working hard to achieve them. She needs to know that he has the ability to provide for her and their family.

Intelligence - This doesn't mean that he needs to be a rocket scientist or a doctor. He just needs to be able to have intelligent conversations about something other than who scored the latest touchdown.

Reliability - Women need to be able to count on their man to be there through thick and thin. There is nothing worse than a man that will make himself scarce when difficulties arise.

Shared Values - Yes, opposites attract, to a certain degree. For the most part, woman enjoy knowing that they share common values and interests, such as how to raise their kids, political and religious views, goals etc.

Respect - Under no circumstances does any woman like to be disrespected and taken for granted. When a man is respectful towards her, it shows a lot about the type of leader and role model he will be for their family.

Personality - A woman loves a man with a great personality, a man who is fun-loving, caring, sweet, sensitive and understanding. Having a great sense of humor is a definite plus.

Thoughtfulness - It's not necessary to buy her flowers and expensive gifts every day to show her you care, it's the little things that truly count. Women love to know that they are special, without him expecting something in return.

Confidence - A man who is confident without being egotistical. Someone who will stand up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to say what is on his mind. He does not need to put others down in order to build himself up.

These are just some of the qualities a woman looks for in a man. The good looks and charm are not the most important, but hey if it comes along with all of the above, then bring out the champagne; I think we've hit the jackpot.

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