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Hello and welcome to mychoicetolove.com. My husband and I were from different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds when we met five years ago. Neither of our families approved of our relationship and we quickly became outcasts. In fact, my family completely disowned me for being in love with someone who did not fit their criteria. Through the years, we went through many trials and tribulations. We even gave up a few times, deciding it may be better to separate rather than try to gain the approval of those around us. We didn’t have the support of our families, but once we starting to attend church together, we met many friends who encouraged us to stick it through. We’ve now been married for over two years and we’ve never been happier together. That’s the amazing thing about love; it sees no difference in our background, but rather sees us for who we are. We still do not have the support of either of our families, but we no longer let that hinder our relationship.

Through this website, we hope that by sharing our experience, as well as others sharing their experiences, people who are going through similar situations may find encouragement and comfort. This website is by no means restricted to those who are in interracial relationships, or from a multicultural background. Everyone can benefit from the experiences of others. The goal of this website is to provide a means for people to connect with others who truly understand each other’s challenges and provide a forum for people to voice their experiences and opinions among new friends. We hope that you will be blessed by visiting our site.

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